was born in the Black Hills of Rapid City, South Dakota. With a lifelong desire to become a race car driver, she found a love for speed and its machines at a very young age. In addition to her passion for automotive, Jessi was an artist who spent much of her time creating with her own hands. She loved metal working, leather craft and photography, and would create anything she could dream up.

She was an independent and adventurous spirit, boasting the skills and the personality to host and star in shows such as “Overhaulin’,” “Xtreme 4×4” and “Mythbusters.” Not known for sitting still, Jessi began her own metal fab shop building hot rods, motorcycles, custom trucks, race vehicles and more. After realizing a need in the industry, she developed a line of welding gear for ladies. Her ability to create opportunities for women and achieve her goals, all while maintaining her fast-paced and hands-on way of living will forever define Jessi in the hearts of people around the world.