To Educate, Inspire and Empower the next generation of female trailblazers & stereotype-breakers.

The Jessi Combs Foundation was founded in 2019. The mission of the foundation is to educate, inspire and empower the next generation of female trailblazers & stereotype-breakers. The guiding principle is the simple question “What Would Jessi Do?” and the foundation executes this mission via three pillars:


Trades were important to Jessi, the very vehicle that provided so many opportunities for her. The foundation will distribute individual scholarships and in-kind partner donations to educational institutions and learning centers to continually be a driving force behind the next generation of female tradespeople Live event workshops will allow the foundation to keep alive the one-on-one interactions that Jessi loved so much.


This will resonate via in-house projects, asthe foundation looks to continually setnew bars on her behalf. The foundation will continually utilize our voice to shine light on those whose achievements, talents and art inspire others.


Grants and Event Sponsorships will be the primary tools to support the efforts of events or attempted achievements that align with the barrier smashing attitude Jessi embodied.


The Board of The Jessi Combs Foundation is comprised of a small group of Jessi’s friends, family and loved ones. United by their effort to honor her in the “JESSI COMBS: LIFE AT FULL SPEED” exhibit held at the Petersen Automotive Musuem, the group assembled to continue the work Jessi started.

Adel Adams

Board Chair

Dana Wilke

Board Member

Steven Elmes

Board Member

Kelly Combs

Board Member

Graham Suorsa

Board Member

Ava Wolff


Kayce Smith